Day 5: Coding Day

  1. HTML basics
  2. Khan Academy – Intro to programming
  3. Khan Academy – CSS
  4. Python Tutorial
  6. Hour of Code
  7. Podcasts


Computer Programming – Khan Academy

Python Tutorial

Hour of Code



StoryCorp – Amazing podcast.

StoryCorps’ mission is to provide people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives.



Reading / Writing Blogs

Find and read professional blogs that are similar to your blog and read it.  You can google search your blog topic with the word blog added to find great blogs.  Here are some examples.

  1. Top Fashion Blogs
  2. The Players Tribune
  3. SB (Sports Blog) Nation
  4. SLAM Basketball
  5. Top 10 Sports Blogs
  6. Top 10 Art Blogs
  7. Rolling Stones Blog
  8. Pitchfork (music)
  9. Top Music Blogs
  10. 24 of the Best Travel Blogs
  11. Best Photography Blogs
  12. Final Pro Cut Blog

Bloggers, 2019


  • Isabella – mylifeasizzy, Just a personal blog; just for fun 🙂
  • Maddie – Maddie’s Take, Blog about food, fashion, makeup
  • Ethan – The Robotics Brainstorm, Robotics new and design concepts
  • Jannelle – My poetry, photography, and youtube videos
  • Jake – Artist’s Block,   It will be a way for me to showcase my art portfolio and blog about different techniques you use when drawing, whether it be digital or physical
  • Erin – Erin Kohlhepp, Blog about music and fashion.
  • Tyler – The Cursed Image Catalog, Blog about finding obscure images across the internet, then giving my thoughts of the images meaning in my own words.
  • Garrett – Garrett Quinn style, Blog about fashion and my style
  • Jahnavi – Jahnavi Dotes on Totes, Blog about how plastic effects our planet
  • Evan – Sorry not Sorry,  Just my own opinions, and things I find funny. Memes, Videos, youtubers, anything that is a goof or gaff
  • Anshul – Anshul’s Blog, Blog about everything
  • Aidan – Aidan Finn, Blog about cars
  • Conrad – Con Blogs!, Blog about Sports
  • Miles – MilesBlogs,  I want to blog about sports events that are going on in the country.
  • Jaden – Jsmoovie, Blog about sports
  • Josh – Jreid’s blog, Blog about sports news


** You can also read previous Cannon Student Blogs

Day 3: Social Media Day!

To add posts, edit your blog site and your customize your blog, you will need to sign into WordPress.  When you sign into WordPress you will land on your dashboard.  The Dashboard is like a “homepage” where you can change and edit things about your blog.

Goals for today:

    1. Connect Blog to Social Media
    2. Create Gravatar
    3. Categories and Tags
    4. Going Mobile – Download App
    5. Create Youtube or Vimeo Account
      1. Set up Profile
      2. Make Playlist
      3. Link to your blog
    1. Record Interview Video for your Youtube/Blog and add to About this Blog or About Me section  (bring GoPro Cameras)
    2. Write a blog post using your phone!

1.  Connecting Your Blog

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 9.33.13 PMTo connect your blog to your other social media, click on the sharing button on the left side of the page.  Click on the plus sign, “Connect New Service”, then follow the instructions.

2. Gravatar!

Set up your personal profile, including your Gravatar.  You do not have to use your name.  You can just use your first name and the first letter of your last name.  Also, a Gravatar does not have to be a picture of you.  It can be any picture or icon.

3.  Categories and Tags

You should always add categories and tags to every blog posts.  This way they can be easily searched and found by your readers.

  1. Please read this document describing the difference between categories and tags.
  2. Categories – General (create 2 – 6 categories for your blog).
  3. Tags (optional) – More specific, add these as you write blog posts.
  4. Once you have created some categories for your blog, go back and assign a category to your first blog post.

4. Going Mobile

Installing the WordPress App on your phone is a great way to stay connected to your blog and blog on the go!  Follow this link to add your blog to your phone.  Then, write a blog post from your phone.

    ** Optional:  Download the WordPress Computer App

5.  Create Youtube or Vimeo Account

  1. Set up Profile
  2. Make Playlist
  3. Link to your blog

6.  Interview Video

Record Interview Video for your Youtube/Blog and add to About this Blog or About Me section  (bring GoPro Cameras)

7.  Write a blog post using your PHONE!


Exit Survey

Hi!  Please fill this out!  Thanks!

Advanced Features

Today we will create a custom logo for your site and then create Google Form and embed it.

  1. Google Forms – Create your own form and I will show you how to embed it
  2.  Logos
  3. Coding  We will also play with code today!
    1. Hour of Code – Many different coding sites and tutorials.
    2. Khan Academy -Hard core coding.  Go straight to HTML / CSS coding!


1. Read about Logo Design

2.  Create a logo online. – if you want to design your own logo. You will have to give your email and create a password as they email the logo to you. – You don’t have to design it.  You just type the logo name and then chose from designs.  After you pick your logo, you do not need to BUY anything.

  1. Go to the preview logo page.
  2. Right click
  3. Save As
  4. Rename the file and save it.


How to insert a logo:

Follow the steps or watch the GIF below:

  1. Click on Customize Themes.
  2. Click on Site Identity.
  3. Upload your logo.



Flavicon – Site Icons for the Tab Bar

Make your logo an icon! We have had trouble adding the icon to the tab with most WordPress themes!  We are still working on it, so go ahead and make your logo a .ico file, and add it to your media folder.  Then, play around with it!