Bloggers, 2019


  • Isabella – mylifeasizzy, Just a personal blog; just for fun 🙂
  • Maddie – Maddie’s Take, Blog about food, fashion, makeup
  • Ethan – The Robotics Brainstorm, Robotics new and design concepts
  • Jannelle – My poetry, photography, and youtube videos
  • Jake – Artist’s Block,   It will be a way for me to showcase my art portfolio and blog about different techniques you use when drawing, whether it be digital or physical
  • Erin – Erin Kohlhepp, Blog about music and fashion.
  • Tyler – The Cursed Image Catalog, Blog about finding obscure images across the internet, then giving my thoughts of the images meaning in my own words.
  • Garrett – Garrett Quinn style, Blog about fashion and my style
  • Jahnavi – Jahnavi Dotes on Totes, Blog about how plastic effects our planet
  • Evan – Sorry not Sorry,  Just my own opinions, and things I find funny. Memes, Videos, youtubers, anything that is a goof or gaff
  • Anshul – Anshul’s Blog, Blog about everything
  • Aidan – Aidan Finn, Blog about cars
  • Conrad – Con Blogs!, Blog about Sports
  • Miles – MilesBlogs,  I want to blog about sports events that are going on in the country.
  • Jaden – Jsmoovie, Blog about sports
  • Josh – Jreid’s blog, Blog about sports news


** You can also read previous Cannon Student Blogs