Reading / Writing Blogs

Find and read professional blogs that are similar to your blog and read it.  You can google search your blog topic with the word blog added to find great blogs.  Here are some examples.

  1. Top Fashion Blogs
  2. The Players Tribune
  3. SB (Sports Blog) Nation
  4. SLAM Basketball
  5. Top 10 Sports Blogs
  6. Top 10 Art Blogs
  7. Rolling Stones Blog
  8. Pitchfork (music)
  9. Top Music Blogs
  10. 24 of the Best Travel Blogs
  11. Best Photography Blogs
  12. Final Pro Cut Blog

Exit Survey

Hi!  Please fill this out!  Thanks!


1. Read about Logo Design

2.  Create a logo online. – if you want to design your own logo. You will have to give your email and create a password as they email the logo to you. – You don’t have to design it.  You just type the logo name and then chose from designs.  After you pick your logo, you do not need to BUY anything.

  1. Go to the preview logo page.
  2. Right click
  3. Save As
  4. Rename the file and save it.


How to insert a logo:

Follow the steps or watch the GIF below:

  1. Click on Customize Themes.
  2. Click on Site Identity.
  3. Upload your logo.



Flavicon – Site Icons for the Tab Bar

Make your logo an icon! We have had trouble adding the icon to the tab with most WordPress themes!  We are still working on it, so go ahead and make your logo a .ico file, and add it to your media folder.  Then, play around with it!

Creating External Links for Pictures

It is important to give credit where credit is due (copyright) on the world wide web.  This is how to create a link so when your viewers click on a picture it will take them to another website.

Cannon Logo
How to Link a Pic

Short Way

  1. Click on the picture.
  2. Click on the paper clip at the top of the screen.
  3. Paste the link.

Longer Way (allows you to edit the size and location of the picture).

  1. Insert a picture into your blog.
  2. Click on the picture and select Edit (the pencil).
  3. At the bottom, select “Link to”
  4. You can then paste the URL that you want viewers to be directed to.
  5. You can also write a caption for your picture.  This will appear underneath the picture of your post.

Adding Links

Change this…

Check out  The Awesome Ms. Ruble

into this…  Flowers

GOALS!  Add nice links!


  1. Type the word you want to click out to.
  2. Highlight the word.
  3. Go to the website and copy the entire link down.
  4. Click on the link button above, it looks like a paper clip.
  5. Paste the link into the first box (http:)
  6. I recommend you click on the “Open in a new page”
  7. Embedding
  8. Creating External Links for Pictures

Day 4: Advanced Topics

Goals Today:

  1. Adding Widgets
  2. Adding a photo gallery
  3. Adding Links (hyperlinks) for words and pictures
  4. Embedding
  5. Google Forms
  6. Blog Etiquette
  7. Citing Pictures
  8. Read and Comment on peer blogs

1. Widgets

  1. Change your comment settings so anyone can comment without you having to “approve” it.  To fix this, go to Settings, Discussion. Then uncheck the boxes (see below).
    Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.46.19 PM.png
  2. Read about widgets here.
  3. Add several widgets to your blog.

2.  Photos and Photo Gallery

Click on the plus sign icon (+) to add pictures to your blog.  You can edit pictures in WordPress, but it is slow and painful.  It is much easier to edit your pictures on your phone or computer, then upload them.

When you select more than one picture to add to your post (at the same time), you will automatically be directed to chose a gallery.  Take your time and play with some of the different galleries to see how they look in your blog.  The best way to do this is to insert the gallery into your post then click on preview.

3.  Adding Links to Words and Pictures

4.  Embedding

Learn how to “embed” YouTube videos into your blogposts!

Turn this:  into THIS…

  1. Find what you would like to embed
  2. Click on the SHARE button
  3. Select EMBED
  4. COPY the code
  5. Click on HTML at the top of the page.
  6. PASTE the code

5. Google Forms

Google Forms – Create your own form and I will show you how to embed it

6.  Blogging Etiquette

Blogging Etiquette is very important!  Here are two posts that speak to the do’s and don’t of blogging.

7.  Citing Pictures

It is imperative that you credit any images you post on your blog that you find on the internet.  Read how to correctly site pictures below:

8.  Reading and Commenting on Blogs

  1. Check out the blogs of the other members of your class!
  2. Write a comment on THREE different classmates blogs.
  3. Respond to comments written to you!

9.  Write a blog post today!


  1. Upload pictures to your blog.
  2. Write a blog post where you include a gallery of pictures.
  3. 50 Things to Blog About
  4. Blog Topics